September to November is always an exceptionally busy time for me as I deliver a huge amount of content to secondary schools across the UK. For the bulk of this time I work with Learning Performance Training, a highly established company who offer Study Skills Programmes for students raning from Year 7 – Year 12 across the UK,

2019 has been busier than ever with schools really seeing the value in supporting their students within the learning environment. Alongside Memory Techniques and Meta-Cognition my main workshops focus on Confidence Building, Fear of Failure, Planning, Aspirations and of course Stress Management through Mindfulness.

Travelling to around 35 – 40 different schools every academic year I really do get to see it all. This term alone I’ve been to Maidstone, Reading, Walsall, Wolverhampton, London, Surrey, Kent and even Austria. I meet students from all walks of life, with massively contrasting backgrounds and at varying stages in their educational journey. However, it is always evident to me that no matter what these contrasts are all young people are in need of help and support in areas such as emotional resilience, goal setting and self-awareness. Some need a lot and others just a little but either way by offering this we automatically help to raise their self-esteem and  give them tools that allow them to be confident enough to take risks and to learn without the fear of failure.  Teenagers are often self conscious but by boosting their skills around planning or goal setting we can help to guide them to make small and positive changes around habits and beliefs at their own natural pace.

Today’s education system is clearly massively under-funded and I have the deepest respect for all of the hardworking Teachers and Support Staff, they do a great job, but they cannot alone do it all. Hopefully soon in the future we’ll have a system in place that not only offers fantastic academic facilities but also gives young people an education in empathy, kindness, self-awareness and stress management giving an rounded rounded approach to the future generations.

To book mindfulness coaching or other workshops for your school check out my Schools Page on the website.