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For the education sector I offer workshops for students, staff and parents. They include growth mindset, self-awareness, well-being, emotional resilience, confidence, effective goal setting, mindfulness and meditation. All of which are essential for supporting a young persons growth and development. I use tools to build an ethos around supporting mental resilience within a learning environment and increasing skills for life. I mainly work with students in secondary school but I do offer 30 minute sessions for primary children too. I offer teacher training on mindfulness work practice and parent events giving them the information and opportunity to support learning at home.

I also offer my Children’s Online Course as a face-to-face workshop led course which can be spread out over the term. Each Workshop is 2 hours and is run over 7 weeks,

I have been working in schools for over 15 years, first as a role as a facilitator in Forum Theatre using drama in learning concepts and since 2016 as a trainer and coach through Leap Mindfulness. Since January 2016 I’ve have worked at around 120 schools across the UK and I am also on the Freelance Team with Learning Performance Training delivering workshops on Meta-Cognition and Memory Skills.

I use a variety of gentle and thought provoking activities within the workshops to explore the habits, beliefs and choices of the students.  This ranges from written tasks to group activities, debates and games. These activities will promote self-reflection and personal growth in a subtle manner. My techniques do not conflict with any religious bodies and are suitable from students from all backgrounds.

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Planning Your Workshop

We begin with either a school visit or a telephone consultation to discuss your aims and objectives. This will be based on the core principles of the school plus your short and long term plans. I will then draw up an outline of your workshops and will email this to you so we can make adjustments if necessary. Each school has it’s own bespoke content. You can book a one of session or a series or workshops. All with the aim of giving your students skills for life. At the end of the sessions I give each participant a feedback form which will be used to create an impact report and given directly to the school to review.

What’s On Offer & Investment
Meta-cognitive skills, emotional resilience, confidence, self-esteem, well-being, dealing with exam stress, inner critic, goal setting, growth mindset, mindfulness and meditation. I also provide weekly meditation sessions which are 30 minutes in length, these are booked on a half or full day basis and work on a class carousel.

Prices for Schools Located in South of England (Travel fee will apply for others)

1 Hour:       £125.00    One Off Booking
1 Hour:       £150.00    Per Session for 6 Consecutive Weeks
Half Day:   £2o0.00   Discounted if booking 3 or more in an Academic Year
Full Day:   £300.00    Discounted if booking 3 or more in an Academic Year

You can choose how to use the time that I am at the school; 1 hour workshops, roadshow or a full day with targeted year groups.

Workshops Examples

  • Mindfulness Techniques for Teens
  • Releasing Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Increasing Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Managing Stress & Anxiety
  • Preparing for Exams with Growth Mindset
  • Introduction to Meditation for Stress Management
  • Guided Meditation for Exam Day (30 minute sessions held on the day of the exam)
  • Dealing with a Fixed Mindset and the Inner Critic
  • Independent Thinking and Effective Goal Setting
  • Mindfulness for Parents / Supporting Their Child’s Learning
  • Stress Management in The Workplace

The Benefits

Theses workshops will increase confidence and social skills and help reduce the inner critic and the fear of failure. The techniques encourage personal growth and ultimately support individuals in attaining either better results and supporting the discussion of mental health.

  • Attaining emotional balance
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Boosted immune system
  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • Increased productivity or results
  • Development of a positive mindset
  • Increased focus
  • Increased inner confidence and self belief
Book a session now
You can book a one-off session or a series of visits to your school throughout the year.

“We’re thrilled with the impact the relaxation sessions had on our children at Brackenbury. We booked Sally to provide a mindfulness session for every year group, aged 4-11. All of the children were fully engaged, and Sally tailored the sessions to the age of the children. The head teacher commented that lunch time on that day was the calmer than she had ever seen”

Mrs O’Hagan, Brackenbury Primary School, Brighton

All ages both in primary and in secondary can benefit from mindfulness sessions supporting resilience, confidence, growth mindset and more.