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As a fully Accredited Mindfulness Teacher I offer high quality Mindfulness workplace training to support staff and promote self care techniques.   Workshops are aimed at increasing productivity by reducing stress, minimising stress related absence, increasing focus and confidence and supporting general well being of your workforce. The sessions are designed for all levels of experience and will give each person transferable skills to use at home or at work. The given techniques are based around SMART Training – Stress Management & Relaxation Techniques and are suitable for everyone, including all faiths and complete beginners.

8 Week Course Mindfulness Course
6 Week Meditation Course
Quarterly Training
Bespoke Workshops

8 Week Mindfulness Package – 70 Minute Weekly Session
Mindfulness Based on Stress Reduction

  • Body Scan and Seated Visualisation Practise (easily performed at work)
  • Short Meditations
  • Breathing Techniques t
  • Regulating & Releasing Emotion Safely
  • Techniques for  Returning to the Present Moment
  • Overview of Mindfulness and the Benefits of it’s Practise
  • Communication & Listening- Respond not React Technique
  • Mindfulness Practices to Use at Home

6 Week Meditation Classes – 45 Minute Weekly Session

  • Mind – Body Connection
  • Fully Guided Meditations
  • Different Techniques Each Week
  • Supporting Quiet Reflection
  • Promoting Focus and Calmness

Quarterly Training, Full or Half Day, 3 Session in 12 Months

  • Overview of Mindfulness and How It Works
  • Seated Guided Meditation to Demonstrate Personal Practise
  • Journalling Techniques for Managing Stress & Releasing Negativity
  • Practical Advice on How to Incorporate Mindfulness at Work & Home
  • Stress Release Games
  • Setting Personal Boundaries

Bespoke training days can also be created for you. Working together on your goals and aims we will build a one off event or ongoing support for your staff.

The Benefits of Mindfulness Training

Meditation and Mindfulness is proven to be effective in supporting individuals in attaining a better work/ life balance and creating a greater sense of  resilience, harmony and positivity.  The benefits include:

  • Create Emotional Balance  – Responding rather than reacting
  • Reducing Stress Related Staff Absence
  • Promote Better Sleep Patterns & Boosting the Immune System
  • Decrease Anxiety and Stress
  • Increase in Focus and Productivity
  • Promote a Positive Mindset
  • Better Working Relationship with Increased Empathy

A Few Snippets of My Experience

  • Lead Meditation guide at Cleanse, Connect Create, Whispering’s of the Soul, Rest and Revive &  Ignite the Soul Retreat.
  • Guest Panelist on BBC Three Counties Radio Show with Nana Akua.
  • Course leader for Body Confidence Course, Mindfulness for Beginners & Reconnect Days.
  • Featured in Mel’s Men’s Magazine. & Spirit and Destiny Magazine.
  • Featured guest on ‘Lounging With Books’ Podcast.
  • Lead Presenter with Learning Performance Training, delivering to over 140 secondary school settings.
  • Worked with over 60 Individuals in One-2-One Sessions and in Small Group workshops
  • Regular Mindfulness & Meditation coach at Unity Studio, The Physio Rooms,  The Natural Health Centre, Brighton and Hove Therapies,  Essence Studio Hove.

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“I was put at ease and it has  helped me look at things differently. This has inspired me to make some much needed changes to my life.  Thank you so much for your support and guidance.” Workplace workshop attendee.