One to One Mindfulness Sessions

Take a Leap of Faith, Be Your Best Self

Stress and difficulties are a part of life but how you react to them is vital for your well-being. With mindfulness and meditation you can gain from bespoke  support and discover techniques to use on your own to help you move through life. This can enable the regulation of your emotions, inner calm and balance, re-connection and looking at life from a higher perspective.

The benefits of mindfulness and self-awareness practise include improved sleep, a boosted immune system, greater clarity, boosted energy levels, increased compassion for yourself and others, improved focus and a feeling of being better equipped to deal with your own emotions.

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 One-to-one Sessions Include:

  • Stress Management with SMART Coaching (Stress Management & Relaxation Techniques)

  • Reduction of anxiety

  • Growth mindset and setting goals for your life

  • Effective goal setting and planning for the future

  • Building confidence and body confidence

  • Releasing negative energies from the past

  • Banishing the inner critic and limiting self beliefs

  • Changing habits and beliefs

  • Stage fright or public speaking

  • Parenting with mindfulness

  • Transformation and moving forwards

  • Forgiveness

  • Bereavement

  • PTSD

  • Meditation practice & everyday mindfulness

  • Spiritual and guided healing

  • Reiki healing

  • Home Energy Cleanse (removing old energy & setting intentions 2 hours)

What’s Involved

After the telephone conversation, you’ll be given a short questionnaire to complete. Your sessions will then be created bespoke for you so I can use the techniques that you feel most comfortable with and a brief will be emailed beforehand. I also always provide you with an email afterwards detailing what we covered and suggestions for techniques to use at home. These are created bespoke for each individual client.

You can book a one-off session, blocks of 3 or a full one-day workshop.

The Techniques I Use During Sessions Are:

  • Guided mindfulness meditations

  • Journeying meditations

  • Creative tasks

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Rituals for clearing energy and setting intentions

  • Law of attraction activities to aide with personal development

  • Self-awareness techniques

  • Rituals for forgiveness, transformation and letting go

  • Light touch Reiki healing

  • Intuitive card readings

  • Use of essential oils, crystals and music

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