By Sally Davis

Bye, bye booze – why I’m experimenting with abstinence.

Anyone fancy a tipple? Or perhaps for you it’s a swift half, a glass of fizz, a cheeky one, a quick pint or getting on the sauce. Social drinking has always been part of my life. I remember vividly the very first time I got drunk, I was in the local park, under the cover of darkness, I consumed 1 small bottle of K cider, laughed a lot then wobbled with my mate Tracey. My mum promptly put me to bed with a stern look that said more than a thousand words ever could.

I have never had a problem with people drinking alcohol. I believe firmly in life being about balance and if your alcohol consumption is in balance with your lifestyle and not causing you or the people around you any harm then in my opinion you are free to enjoy your weekly Merlot, craft ale or cider.

However, over the last few years I have started to question the part it plays in my own life. I have never been a big fan or drinking at home or drinking on my own. I view drinking as something done in social situations, on a night out or at a celebration. I will be the first to pop open the bubbles at a birthday party and dance the night away with the girls and a ton of cocktails.

Yet as the years have gone by, and my self-awareness has increased, the dull feeling of a hangover impacts my day more than it used it and slowly the little voice in my head has challenged me. Challenged me to look at it from a new perspective. My inner being is definitely talking to me and so I have listened. For the next 4 weeks I am going to give up the booze completely.  There is no other reason than for my own personal experiment. To see how I react and behave. To see if I find it difficult and to increase my own mindfulness practise around it. I am looking forward to some extended Sunday morning Yoga sessions. Why not try it yourself? I’ll keep you posted.

By Sally Davis, Leap Mindfulness